Coaching (n). Coaching is a form of development in which a coach supports a client in achieving a personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. I practice holistic coaching and use evidence-based modalities to heal the mind and body. I draw on my expertise in mind-body health, my training in nutrition, and my experience and background in behavioral medicine, behavior change, cognitive-behavioral principles, and coaching to teach and empower my clients to reduce anxiety, overcome overwhelm, and start healing chronic pain and stress-related conditions. My goal is to create a supportive space to help clients like you discover their own power to heal and grow. I don’t just teach you the techniques; I teach and coach you how to APPLY what you learn to create real change in your life.

Creating change in your life begins with changing your thoughts so that you make different choices...telling your friend how you really feel, buying vegetables, taking a class in that subject you love, going for a walk on your break, etc. The techniques I teach you interrupt your unhelpful patterns and replace them with better choices that become positive habits. 

You might benefit from coaching with me if…

  • You are living in a constant state of stress and overwhelm

  • You are feeling anxious…a lot

  • You experience chronic pain that doesn’t respond to conventional or even complementary treatment

  • You are feeling unsatisfied with your job

  • You are looking for more joy in your life

  • You are ready to stop “falling off the wagon” when making changes to your diet and exercise routine

  • You think your pain or chronic condition might be stress-related such as Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) or Psychophysiologic Disorder (PPD)

  • Your work life balance is way out of balance

  • You want to stop procrastinating

  • You want to think more clearly, feel more focused, and be more present

  • You are ready to stop thinking about your ideal life and start living it

  • You feel as if you haven’t really tapped into your full potential and maybe don’t even know what that looks like


Coaching provides results in your personal and professional life.

I help my clients to see what is holding them back, live in the present moment, make a plan for the future, and walk the journey with them. I provide:

  • Accountability

  • Confidence-building

  • Focus on the importance of self-care

  • Goal-setting

  • Identification of strengths

  • Improved communication

  • Mind-body skills training

  • Objective input

  • Recognition of the client’s own intuition

  • Personal growth

  • Self-confidence

  • Values-centered change

    I offer coaching services in packages. Why? Because behavior change takes time, and you deserve the time to change your new insights into sustained action. I also offer single sessions for targeted coaching. I’m happy to offer you a FREE 20-minute phone consultation to determine if we’d be a good fit!