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Mind-body health.


Lasting change.

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 Reduce anxiety, overcome overwhelm, heal chronic pain and disease with a mind-body approach.

It’s possible. It all starts here. Let’s do this together.


Why self-care? Why now?

We are in a constant state of stress and overwhelm. Having no time for self-care has become the new normal. Our nervous system is chronically over-activated leading to inflammation, stress, anxiety, overwhelm.

Are you tired of anxiety, overwhelm, stress, and chronic pain/disease?

Nervous system dysregulation due to chronic physical and emotional stress is at the root of anxiety, overwhelm, and chronic pain/disease.

How do you know that this approach is right for you?

My holistic, mind-body health approach uses evidence-based strategies to help you reprogram your nervous system and bring more joy, peace, and happiness to your life.

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Work with and Learn with Kelly

Kelly Donahue, PhD

Kelly Donahue, PhD

Kelly Donahue, PhD is a working mom, entrepreneur, recovering Type A perfectionist, and a former chronic pain sufferer. She has spent more than a decade immersed in mind-body health research, teaching, writing, and individual and group work with clients. She’s used this knowledge to recover from the ill-effects of people-pleasing, striving, and the need to achieve and loves helping others do the same.

Kelly is passionate about empowering others to practice essential self-care strategies that nourish the body and mind. Her training in behavioral medicine and clinical psychology provided her with the framework to help clients create real, lasting change; however, she soon realized that psychology’s focus on the past and fitting people into a diagnosis box didn’t feel right. She didn’t want to focus on disease and helping people to just get by; she wanted to help people grow and thrive! The missing puzzle pieces were 1) a connection to the body and 2) optimizing the present for a better future.

After additional training in mind-body skills at the Benson-Henry Institute, the Center for Mind Body Medicine, and Mindvalley University, the puzzle was complete. Kelly has lived the power of the mind-body connection and learned the necessity of self-care. Her individual clients include entrepreneurs, executives, working moms, physicians and other health care providers, and empty-nesters ready to overcome overwhelm and regain their health and purpose in life. Her mission is to share that knowledge and translate the insight to action to help overstressed women and men thrive and reach their personal, professional, and health goals.