My Healing Journey Through Chronic Pain


A strong back. Just like that picture. That's my goal picture. And I've realized that it’s called a journey because there really is no “end,” right? Well, I’m still on the path. Two weeks ago, I was performing my “Stretches for a Healthy Back” (and that’s really what they are called!), when, mid-lunge, I felt that familiar twinge and tightness in my lower back. As I eased out of the stretch, I cursed myself for not being more careful but quickly caught myself and realized that I hadn’t done anything wrong. The blame neural network path is clearly tied to the pain neural network path. In fact, they might be married. After I caught myself, I quickly switched out of blame and into healing mode. After getting my son off to school, I reviewed and started the McKenzie extension exercises and the wall slides to correct my torso's C shape caused by the muscle spasms. PLEASE NOTE: This is not medical advice, and I am not connected to any of the doctors, therapies, or products that I describe. Rather, I am just sharing the path that has worked for me!

I also started expressive writing…like right that minute. Coincidentally (or maybe not), I have been reading a book called “Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain” by Dr. David Hanscom. That’s right, folks. He’s a surgeon. Writing about healing back pain WITHOUT surgery. Basically he’s writing his way out of a job. You know that caught my attention. Some of his ideas and techniques parallel the work of Dr. Sarno that I’ve written about earlier; however, he provides more details on the neural networks formed by pain, anxiety, and anger. I’ll provide a full book review when I finish, but already, I can whole-heartedly recommend this book to those with pain. So, I’m writing, expressively, and doing the McKenzie exercises on the hour, every hour, and I’m feeling better. I added Biotics Intenzyme Forte proteolytic enzymes as soon as I remembered them. These all-natural enzymes, when taken on an empty stomach, “eat” the inflammation, facilitate the healing process, and help you to feel better. I also did more research and found a recommendation from Dr. Axe for back issues…specifically disc issues. I trusted his recommendations because he had used him to recover from  his own disc bulge/herniation and he’s lifting and working out like never before.

To learn all about my healing journey, download my free e-book “A Therapist’s Journey Through Chronic Pain.”

PainKelly Forys Donahue