Overcoming Overwhelm Beta Course

Overcoming Overwhelm Beta Course


The Overcoming Overwhelm Beta Course is designed from over 15 years of study, teaching, research and practice in using mind-body techniques to reduce overwhelm and improve mental and physical health. This course utilizes the latest in neuroscience to understand the role of the nervous system in overwhelm, anxiety, perfectionism, and stress and teaches you strategies to calm the nervous system. You’ll learn mind-body techniques, cognitive strategies, behavior change principles, holistic nutrition, and more. You’ll not only learn the information, you’ll receive the tools and the support for IMPLEMENTING the information in your own life. Many books and resources give you knowledge, but they don’t often help you put that knowledge into action. This program offers both knowledge and tools for implementing that knowledge into your life.

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Are you tired of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain/disease? Nervous system dysregulation due to chronic physical and emotional stress is at the root of anxiety, overwhelm, and chronic pain/disease. Learned neural pathways are a cause of this distress. But here’s the good news:

  • You can train your nervous system to respond differently.

  • You can use mind-body techniques proven to heal the nervous system.

  • You can make little, consistent changes in your thoughts, emotional processing, and behaviors/habits to have a huge impact on your health and happiness.

  • You can practice holistic self-care as the antidote to modern stress, overwhelm, and chronic disease.

 How do you know that this approach is right for you? 

  • You would describe yourself (or be described by others) as a Type A personality or a perfectionist.

  • You’ve been told that your issues are “all in your head.”

  • You feel frazzled, anxious, and don’t know where to find answers.

  • You feel as if you are living in a constant state of stress.

  • You feel as if you should be able to “figure this out” on your own.

  • You are ready to get to the root of the issues rather than self-medicating or covering them up with short-term fixes that don’t last.

  • You know that you can’t live your optimal life (the life you desire) by continuing your current patterns.

  • You’re ready to be guided by real, evidence-based solutions that fit into your already busy life.

My holistic, mind-body health approach uses evidence-based strategies to help you reprogram your nervous system and bring more peace and happiness to your life. In addition to the dynamic material, you’ll attend 6 small-group coaching calls. These calls allow time for personalized coaching to improve the understanding and implementation of the material.

Once you learn and implement the strategies to unwind the nervous system, you will move from spending your days in a hyper-vigilant, fight-or-flight mode to being more present and responding rather than reacting to situations. These are tools you can use when in stressful situations and to optimize your health when you are feeling good. I have used these tools myself and with hundreds of clients, and I’m excited to share them with you!

This course begins May 6, 2019. Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with additional instructions on joining the Overcome Overwhelm Tribe Facebook page and the Zoom links for our coaching calls.

I acknowledge you for investing in your health and happiness! I am so excited to have you here.