Don't If Then....When Then....Your Life Away

If then When then.png

We’ve all used “If…Then…:” or “When...Then…”

If I weigh X amount, then I’ll buy a dress that makes me feel great.

If I get caught up on all the laundry, then I’ll take a break.

If I have time, then I’ll go for a walk.

We don’t purposely try to stall or sabotage ourselves with these “harmless” little phrase. Our brain is trying to protect us from being hurt, from disappointment, from potential failure.

We have to recognize that “When...Then...” is not protecting us. It’s holding us back.

When I lose 10 pounds, then I’ll go out with my friends.

When I feel more confident, then I’ll ask for a raise.

When I feel ready, then I’ll have kids.

When I feel less overwhelmed, then I’ll try meditation.
The truth is that we may never feel ready, and that’s okay.

Start now.
Start today.
Start anyway.

Feeling scared to start is normal. It means you are growing. So reframe the discomfort of doing something challenging as a sign that you are a normal, healthy human who is making changes and pushing out of her comfort zone.

As far as we know, we get one go on this spinning ball we call Earth. Don’t wait for an abstract time in the future to have what you think you need to have to make a change or do something new. Start now. You’ve got this!

What’s one thing that you’ve been using If/Then, When/Then for and how can you take a step today to make it happen?