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Don't If Then....When Then....Your Life Away

We’ve all used “If…Then…:” or “When...Then…”

If I weigh X amount, then I’ll buy a dress that makes me feel great.

If I get caught up on all the laundry, then I’ll take a break.

If I have time, then I’ll go for a walk.

We don’t purposely try to stall or sabotage ourselves with these “harmless” little phrase. Our brain is trying to protect us from being hurt, from disappointment, from potential failure.

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Six Strategies I Used to Ride the Wave of Overwhelm

Let’s get real about overwhelm. It’s a real thing. It happens. We’ve all been there. That feeling of having so much to do but not having a clue where to start. You want to scream or cry or run away while doing both.

I've been helping my clients who feel overwhelmed for many years. It happens when little things accumulate over time. That overwhelmed feeling can happen when a few big things, often unexpected things, happen. Helping people deal with overwhelm comes easily to me, but following my own strategies is a bit more challenging.

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The Hurry Habit: Learn to Say Goodbye to Hurry and Hello to the Now

I was leaving the sauna after enjoying the last sauna of my Christmas sauna package, and I found myself hurrying down the stairs, giving a curt smile and “thanks” to the lovely owner, and whipping around to head out the door. I flung open the door, and the icy winter air took my breath away. In that very moment, I realized that I was rushing FOR NO REASON.

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Why Knowing Your Values Can Help You Excel at EVERYTHING.

I have been talking to my clients and in the community talks that I’ve been giving about the importance of values. When our behaviors don’t match and support our top values we feel, well...icky and blah (very technical terms). It’s as if you are driving a car with deflated tires or you are cross-county skiing outside the packed path. It makes the task (and life) feel difficult and not fun. We feel unmotivated, unhappy and engage in behaviors that aren’t healthful or helpful to our growth.

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Why Balancing It All is a Myth and What to Do Instead

I’m a true believer in the universe manifesting our thoughts and intentions. Stay with me. Lately I’ve been thinking about the notion that it is possible for a woman to “balance” a career with being a mom and partner. As I’ve been formulating my thoughts, an article in a newsletter that I receive talked about that very thing! It discussed blending work and family rather than balancing them. The difference is subtle but important.

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Self-Care Lessons from the West Coast: Tips You Can Use No Matter Where You Live

Self-care. Here we go again. I know. I preach self-care in most every facet of my interactions with clients, friends, and family. The two reasons that it comes up in most every conversation are: 1) Self-care is vital to healing mental or physical issues and for preventing mental and physical issues, and 2) I need to hear the need for self-care on repeat for my own benefit, because if I am not taking care of myself, I can't take care of (or even provide high-vibe information) for others.

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